The mission of the Cameroon Health and Education Fund (CHEF) is to assist deserving projects, programs, communities and individuals primarily in Cameroon through the donation of financial assistance, expertise and other forms of support that will improve health and education.

  • Specific Objectives and Purposes

(a)  To provide charitable assistance to critical projects, programs and community groups that are providing health care or education in resource-poor countries in Africa (especially Cameroon).  Donors can designate programs/projects to receive their donations provided that they are approved by the Board.  If donations are undesignated, the funds will be used to support programs/projects most in need.

(b)  To provide scholarships to individuals to acquire education or training in health care or other needed services, if they will subsequently apply their training  by working in resource-poor African countries (preferably Cameroon) to improve health care or other needed services.  Awards will be based on merit (as judged by the CHEF Board of Directors) of the individuals’ applications, with emphasis on applicants’ plans for applying their training in resource-poor African settings.

(c)  To provide a tax-deductible venue for individuals or organizations in the USA to fund scholarships, support health or education projects and programs, and community groups seeking to improve health and education services in resource-poor African countries (preferably Cameroon).

(d)  To assist volunteers with training and expertise in health care or education to contribute in-kind services on-site for projects or programs in Cameroon where their particular skills will be most effective in improving quality and capacity.